Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makeover: Liz Before and After

Fringe by Carrie selected Liz as their makeover candidate!  We've got some great photos to show you, with Before and After photos.  Liz received a hair cut, top panel highlights, and an eyebrow wax.  


The consultation consisted with learning about Liz's hair care routine, how she likes to wear her hair, and what would flatter her skin and face.  Liz asked for her hair to be "thinned out" in the back because the hair is thick and takes awhile to dry.  Liz wanted to go lighter and wanted a color that would not show any obvious lines of demarcation.  What is the line of demarcation?  The line of demarcation is the line of new hair growth showing.


Carrie's solutions:  Liz likes to wear her hair in a pony tail for work and she enjoys it straightened.  Carrie gave her a long side bang and layered the hair to frame her face on both sides.  Carrie also explained using thinning shears does not create the correct texture to help with the "thick hair".  Instead, Carrie added extra layers in the back to help create movement but also alleviate some of the time used to dry the hair.   


For color, Carrie lightened Liz's hair for about 8 minutes, using a top panel partial highlights pattern.  

The nice part about Carrie's choice is that it is the perfect choice for non-committal color.  If you're not sure you'll like color, or you just want a small change, this would be great.  It was only a few shades ligher then Liz's natural color and will blend in nicely with any new hair growth.  We will check back in with Liz in a few weeks to see how she is enjoying her color and how her new hair growth is blending with the highlights.

Carrie used a flat iron on Liz's hair to create soft waves.

AFTER: back

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Columbus Hair Show

Over the weekend of October 23-24th, Team Fringe was at the Columbus Hair Show!  The whole team was there, enjoying product demonstrations, snagging some freebies (I only found candy), and enjoying some classes!  It was a very educational experience for us all!

Marchelle went down on Friday night for Paul Mitchell model call, she worked behind the scenes and was even on stage cutting hair!  She did a fabulous job and we have some pictures to share with you!

This is Marchelle styling the model's hair.  The Paul Mitchell styles this year are short layered cuts.

For the Women: the Paul Mitchell products that were popular is the new Avapuhi Wild Ginger line (all natural!).

For the Men: the Paul Mitchell products are water-soluble.  This means you can put the product in before work, then wet it down and restyle it before going out and it looks great!

The products are all natural, fun to use, and smell pleasant.  Has a very flexible hold, does not stiffen or crunch.

Team Fringe chillin at the Hair Show!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team Fringe talks to PENTA Cosmetology Students

The students listening quietly.
Team Fringe visited with PENTA Cosmetology students on Monday September 17th and spoke about the training Carrie went through and how she grew her business.  Marchelle spoke about Paul Mitchell and how she has grown to become a National Color Educator and how she continues to set goals for herself.  Chris touched base about how Team Fringe uses the web to market our business.

The students were very quiet and listened intently during the presentation.  Lots of questions were asked about ways to market themselves, the types of salons they wanted to work with/for, the type of education available, and the benefits of Paul Mitchell products.

Marchelle captivated the students with her personal experiences and her determination to succeed in this industry.  Carrie provided much needed wisdom into opening up your own salon and how to run a business.  Chris talked about the many types of marketing and ways to promote themselves.

Carrie talking about business.
Team Fringe touched base with the students about Martino Cartier and Maryanne & Friends which we talked about in a previous blog here.  Breast cancer has touched many lives including those personally known to Carrie and the rest of Team Fringe.

The presentation was a success and Fringe has been asked to return to provide a hair cutting demonstration in a few weeks.  We hope you are looking forward to that demonstration as much as we are!  There will be many pictures of the demonstration for you all to see!

Carrie and Marchelle with the Cosmetology students

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Maryanne & Friends

Hello everyone!  Fringe by Carrie Salon Studio is very excited to share with you this new network of salons that we have joined with!  Fringe by Carrie has teamed up with Martino Cartier and Maryanne & Friends, and is "united in their mission to ease the stress and pain felt by women battling cancer and suffering from hair loss."  Fringe by Carrie is now the only salon in the Toledo area to be included in this fantastic cause!

Please read on for more information about Maryanne & Friends:

"Maryanne and Friends is a consortium of Beauty Industry Leaders, Salon Owners and Stylists committed to donating much needed hair replacement and styling services to women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Celebrity Stylist, television personality and salon owner Martino Cartier is the founder of Maryanne and Friends. Martino was deeply touched and inspired by his dear friend, Maryanne McCormick’s brave fight against and triumph over breast cancer. Through watching her cope with the process, he realized how many women needed the opportunity to feel in control of their appearance (and feel better about themselves) during treatment.

By watching women going through treatment, he realized how difficult it could be for many to afford hair replacement. He also discovered how hard it could be to get funding for hair replacement through other organizations or insurance companies. Martino believes every woman undergoing breast cancer treatment is entitled to receive the care and comfort offered by Maryanne and Friends without paying a fee. That is why members of Maryanne and Friends are committed to providing these free services to all women irrespective of their financial circumstances."

Please visit Maryanne & Friends for more information or to find a salon near you.

Fringe by Carrie is very happy to provide this service to women suffering from hair loss from breast cancer at no cost to the guest.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello everyone!

This is Fringe by Carrie Salon Studio reporting for our very first post on our new blog!  We are so happy to have you join us!

Fringe by Carrie Salon Studio is located at 3316 Glanzman Rd, Toledo, OH 43614.  You may reach us by phone by calling 419-382-0891.  You can search our website to read about our services at or you may Like us on Facebook at  To stay most up to date with our specials please Like us on Facebook!

Introducing Team Fringe:
Carrie Hall, owner and Master Stylist and Colorist
Graduated from PENTA County Cosmetology School
Over 17 years of hair cutting and coloring experience

Marchelle Wendler, Paul Mitchell systems National Color Educator, Stylist and Colorist
Graduated from Artisan College of Cosmetology
Over 5 years of hair cutting and coloring experience
Over 3 years of National Educator experience
Paul Mitchell Systems product knowledge specialist

Alicia Davis, Jr Stylist and Colorist
Graduated from the Toledo Beauty Academy
2 years of hair cutting and coloring experience
Assisting the owner while building her clientele

Christina Pertz, Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduated from the Healing Arts Institute
Licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board
1 year of experience practicing massage therapy

We are excited to begin this next phase of the salon together.  Please stick around to see all the fun events and specials, and educational articles that we are putting together for you.  Look forward to reading product reviews and comparisons; salon events; how-tos, massage therapy information, and hair care tips.